Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hangin At UW

I am drinking a Caramel Creek malt at the University of Wisconsin. It is good stuff. I rode from Lake Geneva this morning and arrived about 1PM. The day was beautiful. It was fairly flat, cool, decent roads, and not too long (only 78 miles). I never would have thought that 80 miles was a short distance on a bike, but it is becoming that way. I know that I will get there and that I won't fall over from exhaustion when I arrive. That is only partly true. I rolled up to the Habitat office, where we are staying, and fell over onto the grass. I was tired. However, I quickly got up, helped unload the trailer, and made my way to downtown.s

In Lake Geneva, I watched the sunset on the lake and had a wonderful pasta dinner. It was also mail drop day. This is always exciting! Everyone loves opening up all their packages and sharing all the food that parents and friends send to us. We have so much stuff we had to rethink how to load are trailer.

On a sad of our riders has left the group. On the way into Chicago, Victoria Nieman, took a spill and broke her elbow. She is hoping to rejoin us towards the end of the ride or at least meet us in Seattle at the end of July. We all miss her greatly. Victoria...heal quickly!

As I said before, Chicago was awesome. Many people went to a barbecue at one of the riders houses. They also visted the Art Institute and had deep dish pizza. These are all essentials when visiting Chicago.

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