Tuesday, June 28, 2005

From the Capital of South Dakota

Hello all! I have had a few people inquire about sending packages/letters to me. Please visit http://www.yale.edu/habitat/info/maildrops.html to find out how. I am on the North Trip. I recommend sending everything Priority to insure that it arrives on time. I have had trouble with a few items.

So...since the last post, I have done another century and I will get to do another tomorrow. Yesterday was our longest day of the trip. I biked 122 miles! I spent almost 8 hours sitting on my bike. My butt hurts thinking about it. I can't believe that I can ride this far.

Of course we got lost. This actually ended up saving us 13 miles. However, it meant that we had to buy our lunch. At mile 70 or so we stopped in at Leo's. Did you know that in 1897, absolutley nothing happened there. There was a plaque stating this fact outside the restraunt. We were starving. The waitress said she had never seen people eat this much. I had two meals with a couple of side orders. It consisted of 2 pancakes (the size of the plate), 4 eggs, 4 pieces of toast, 4 pieces of bacon, hasbrowns, a slice of ham steak, an order of curly fries, and almost a whole pitcher of water. Before this I had five energy bars on the road. We had the waitress make us PB&J's for the road. It was quite the meal. All the locals stopped by our table to talk and laugh at all our plates on the table. And don't worry, this did not spoil our dinner. We ate plenty again.

We stayed in Miller, SD yesterday and now I am in Pierre. We biked 72 miles to get here. We had a tail wind, so we went fast. I averaged almost 22 miles per hour. I think we will go see Batman Begins tonight, after stopping at the famous Zesto Ice Cream Shop.

The funny stuff...Diana got stung by a bee on the eye a few days ago. It got really puffy. She looked like a chipmunk. Now it almost back to normal thanks to a doctor and a prescription. Everyone is also over their colds for the first time on the trip. There has been no sneezing and coughing at night. Our trailer is getting a new paint and is looking great. We are all looking forward to camping in Badlands National Park in couple of days. Till next time...


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Wel hello there .... this is the old Bikerstan, again. Mr. Willard Scott (aka The Today Show weatherman) said that it might just be gitten windy up there. Hope its a tail wind for ya. Ozone, ozone and ozone is the word down here. 100 degrees, 90 per cent humidity. It don't take long to suck down a full water bottle. Hope the Black Hills are Black. Keep your bike between the ditches. Be safe.

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Okay, Uncle David!! I know that you are happy for Wendy! I will be going to see her on July 8. Diane and I have sent you a box - Priority - with two envelopes in it. Look for them, and be careful when you open the box. There are a lot of plastic bags (maybe they'll come in handy as well) that I used for packing. Enjoy!! Keep the blogs and phone calls comin'. Be careful, stay safe, have fun, I love you, Mother