Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Three Days to Go!

I have been hanging out with my sister in Cambridge, MA since Monday. Today is my last day to prepare for my trip across the country this summer. It has been raining for the third day straight in Cambridge. I did manage to go out for about two hours yesterday. When I got back I could not feel my fingers. I took a cold shower to warm me up and I was ready to go.

Since my last post, I traveled through KY and visited with my Aunt Karen in Louisville. The visit was short, but I will be back in August for a longer stay. I then traveled to Maryland to visit with a good friend for a couple of days. I ate lots of food and got in a nice bike ride. Riding in all these different cities and states has been awesome. While on the road I have way to much time to think. I figured out that I would travel through 24 states, 2 countries, and 1 district (D.C.) during the summer.

After Maryland, I went to Pittsburgh and stayed with some friends that I originally met in CO. I got to go to this incredible bar, that is a converted church, and smaple some brew. Once again I went on a bike ride. I found a washed out road and some great hills to climb. I decided that Pittsburgh is beautiful at this time of year. The days were cool and everything is green and growing.

Onward to New York City I traveled. I made my way through the Holland Tunnel and arrived at my buddy's place on Sunday. I parked my car and we went out to Carnegie for lunch. Saw a concert that night at the Ballery Ballroom and headed out the next day for Boston.

I had a great time in Boston with my sister, brother-in-law, and other family and friends that I got to see. I am out of time and must go. Will check back soon.

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