Monday, May 30, 2005

New Paltz, NY

I am in New Paltz, NY tonight. It is about 50 miles from New York City. We woke up at 6:00 a.m. today and were riding by 7a.m. I am starting to eat a ton. I had breakfast when I woke up. Lunch was at 9a.m. I ate a sandwich and Cliff bar around noon and then I stopped at a resturaunt around 1p.m. Then we ate dinner around 6p.m. These are not snacks I am eating, but entire meals, often consisting of two or three returns for more food. I know my hand will get a workout just shoveling all the food into my mouth.

It rained today and we took shelter in a train station along the Hudson River. Afterwards we were escorted across the bridge, by the Hudson Port Authority. I am sure traffic loved us.

Wednesday will be our first day off. I know some of us wish it was tomorrow. We rode over 50 miles today and were welcomed with a huge pot luck. We get to stay in dormitories tonight, which means we get real beds!

By the end of the week we will have cross over Niagra Falls and into Ontario. The scenery so far is beautiful rolling hill (which you really notice on a bike). We crossed over the Appalachain Trail today, which was pretty cool looking. Also for the Superman fans, we went past the Daily Planet newspaper. Superman must have been out saving the world, because I didn't see him around.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Hey David,
    Your gonna get good at bike repair! When you have a flat always be shure and check the tire to make sure there is no glass or thorns in the tire. Put the tire back on the rim with the lable at the stem hole in the rim. That way when you have the next flat, you can find the hole in the tube, and then go strait to the location of the puncture in the tire (cause the tire and tube are indexed together).

    Be safe and have fun eating,


  2. Thanks for the tip. I wish I could go 4000 miles without a flat. However, everyday someone is getting a flat. It is only a matter of time till I get another.

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